New design mayfield skull clamp

With flexible shaft head frame retractor, operating table, and assorted fixed for intracranial neurosurgery head, also can be used in orthopedic or other surgery.

This product include adjustable gel head rest.The teeth of  this product is same as mayfield,can be fixed on mayfield clamp.

Main data:
1.moving distance between front and back:350mm
2.moving distance between left and right:400mm
3.moving distance between top and bottom:350mm
4.the swing angle: ≥75°
5.distance adjustment range of install center:190-590mm

Product Description
Structure and performance:

1. One complete Set of instrument is composed of the base, skull fixture rack and U-Shaped head bracket. They can be assembled at will according to operation needs.

2. Instrument adopts crank-link structure, and locking adopts lever handle fasten, which are safe and reliable.

3. One complete Set of instrument with reasonable design, compact overall structure, small cubage, which increased the scope of operation activities and reduced the doctor’s physical.

4. Easy to install and adjust, which reduces the time of preoperative preparation.

Function and usage:

1. This set rack is a kind of specialized equipment, which matches with the brain/skull operation.

2. This Operation Skull Clamp can adjust at will according to the need for operations, which can be back and forth, swing from side to side, up and down movements.

3.It also can achieve the best in the first place and position, which facilitate the operation and management of anesthesia for operation and play a reliable guarantee Role.

4. It is an ideal tool for neurosurgery