Adjustable knee and tibial positioner radiolucent

Single package size:
80X14X35 cm

Ⅰ Introduction: Due to arthroscopy and arthroscopy surgery position adjustment requirement of patient’ limbs,in the past we need assistants to hold the patient’s lower limbs to adjust the fixed position. The stability is poor,is easy to cause inaccurate positioning caused by long time holding,which affects the operation of the surgeon and brings great inconvenience to the operation.Especially the positioning accuracy of arthroscopic surgery and tibial intramedullary nail surgery is difficult to guarantee. The knee joint surgical rack produced by Huaxin Medical provides a new precision fixation solution for orthopedic surgery. It not only plays a role in meeting the doctor’s precise and stable target positioning during the operation, but also solves the operation deviation caused by the need for an assistant to lift for a long time. It also expands the operating space.Meet the requirements of surgical fluoroscopy. Ⅱ Feature: This product is made of carbon fiber material,without any metal parts,so that it can perfectly meet the radiolucent requirements, and the operation angle can be adjusted in multiple steps to meet different surgical needs. Ⅲ Parameter: 1.Size:76.5*14*32cm 2.Angle adjustable range:45°~130° 3.Adjustable gear:3cm*6 and 2cm*5 Ⅳ Application: Suitable for knee joint surgery, arthroscopic surgery, tibial intramedullary nail surgery, positioning and fluoroscopy needs. Ⅴ Attention: This product needs to be strictly disinfected before it can be used for patient surgery. All kinds of disinfection methods are applicable except for corrosive disinfection.