surgical peg board patient positioning system

A patient positioning system featuring a modular pegboard that stabilizes patients in the lateral decubitus position.

Surgical pegboard system's modular components allow simple conversion for obese patient support on any O.R. table, while multiple peg lengths provide greater versatility and a more secure fit to the pegboard.  Available foam pads and sleeves protect the patient from cross-contamination.  Upgrading to modular End Boards extend the length of the Center Board.  Pegs are available as composite, locking, and radiolucent.

This product is mainly used in lateral surgery,such as knee surgery,kidney surgery,abdominal surgery.

The complete peg board lateral positioning system includes:

Peg board size:150*50*2.5cm,with holes diameter 3cm

Gel overlay size 140*50*1.5cm

4 long pegs size 3.5*30cm

4 short pegs size 3.5*20cm

This product can also be used with our new designed product adjustable waist holder/fixator to positioning the patient during surgery.

It can easyly positioning or fix the patient with pegs by adjust the pegs in different holes of the board.