Halo Vest System

The Halo Vest System is a brace which stops you moving and places tension on your neck bones, which allows broken or dislocated bones to heal and helps prevent further damage to your spinal column.

The Halo Vest System is consisting of traction circle, connecting screw rod, connection bolt, supporting rod, U-shaped clamp, splint, strapping tape and other components. The raw materials of components: ABS for the slab, nylon for the strapping tape and others are made up of aluminum alloy, polyether ketone or pure titanium.


Used for orthopedics surgery, it can help patients with cervical fracture dislocation, cervical deformity, unstable occipital neck and indications of cranial traction who need to get out of bed to perform the function of cervical fracture fixation or traction.

Feature: 1. Reduce the gravity of the head and stress. 2. Control the activities of the cervical spine effectively. 3. Make the cervical restore and maintain normal anatomic position. 4. In front and back paste design, convenient to wear. 5. Front opening design, facilitating emergency tracheotomy.

Packaging Details: PP Bag or Carton Packing size:41*33*11cm Place of Origin: Suzhou, China (Mainland) Instrument classification: Class I Material: Polymer Foam and Iron Color: silver